The Generic LoRaWAN Node

Flexible open source IoT hardware, firmware and software giving you the freedom to measure or control whatever you like!

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Simple, robust, versatile!

GMote stands for Generic Mote. It is meant to be a flexible (i.e. applicable in different scenarios for different purposes utilizing different sensors) IoT Node using the LoRa wireless data communication technology.

The first test version was based on the Arduino Pro Mini, which requires very low power if you remove the LED and bypass the power regulator. Once this proved to be a good idea, a slim version of the Mini Pro board (i.e. the ATMega 328P) has been integrated and routed on the GMote circuit board. At first, the Dragino LoRa Bee was the transceiving unit since we had good results with respect to range and usability. In later versions, the relevant HopeRF modem (RFM95) chip was likewise integrated on the board due to availability and price.

There are two versions, a small and a mini version, which provide different amount of pin headers to connect various sensors or even actuators.

The node is easily configurable via UART or LoRaWAN download frames. It started within the Arduino framework and tries to stay compatible to not loose the the huge developer scene.

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Free & open source - for makers!

Hardware, firmware, software and even 3D printable cases.
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Contract production of GMote hardware and sensors
Support in integrating GMote in your IoT project
Design of complete IoT platforms on premise or as a service
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